Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine Manufacturers



NANDA Precision Machinery Co., LTD. which is dedicated to manufacture lamination machine and flat yarn making machine, it has been established for just 5 years and quickly opened up its reputation in this industry.  It is also one of the few manufacturers with fairly complete machine types.  With excellent machine design and capacity optimization, NANDA is always the first choice of many large food factories to cooperate with. 

The general manager, Mr. Ying-Hao Tu, said the lamination machine is widely used from wrapper of cigarette to woven bags.  Somehow, its industry is quite unpopular.   In daily life, laminating products such as rice bags, beverage paper cups, lunch boxes, snack packaging, hamburger paper are used everywhere.  In recent years, due to the demand for automation, the laminating machine is gradually moving towards automation, high stability and large capacity, which is even clearer. 

Starting from grassroots level, Mr. Ying-Hao Tu has 25 years of rich manufacturing experience.  He founded NANDA Precision Machinery Co., LTD in 2013 and marketed it under his own brand, NANDA.  Due to high performance, high output of the machine, the cost-performance ratio is higher than European and American machines, and with its simplicity of appearance design, he has quickly established a good reputation in the country within 5 years.  Meanwhile, he also entered the Japanese market and is favored by Japanese customers.  There are even more local businesses seeking cooperation. 

Mr. Ying-Hao Tu said, since the domestic laminating machine equipment manufacturers all have their main models, NANDA precision Machinery Co., LTD has the design and manufacturing capabilities of high-level, medium-level and low-level machines, including Flexible Packaging Lamination Machine, Extrusion Lamination Machine For Release Paper/Wrapper, Extrusion Lamination Machine For Sandwich Type, Extrusion Paper Lamination Machine, Extrusion Lamination With Turn Bar, Flat Yarn Making Machine are its main models, with high quality and stable laminating film, which is available to meet different customers’ demand of process product.