Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine Manufacturers
Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine Manufacturers

Sandwich Extrusion Lamination Machine

Product Feature

  • Unwinders adopt magnetic powder brake and tension control.
  • Winder adopts four-roller and surface-friction type to make steady roll winding.
  • Extruder is available to do vertical and plane movement according to production condition.
  • Machine is synchronously controlled by PLC program, and easily operated through HMI.

Product Specifications

Model No. LM90-13SW
Machine Type Single Side, Sandwich
Extrusion Resin PE+LDPE
Lamination Material Woven Fabric, Woven Sack, BOPP
Lamination Width 700~1300mm
Extrusion Output 150kg/hr
Max. Line Speed 100m/min