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NANDA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. mainly manufactures Lamination Machine and Flat Yarn Making Machine. Lamination Machine is widely used from wrapper of cigarette to woven sacks. Nowadays, the lamination industry is close to our life. No matter going anywhere, you could see the laminated products all around. For example, rice bags, paper cups, lunch boxes, hamburger papers and the packaging of chips.

NANDA is specialized in Extrusions. Extrusion Lamination is our lead product. (Lamination for Flexible Packaging, Tableware, woven sacks, and so on) And the Flat Yarn Making Machine is Secondary. (Flat Yarn Making Machine and Jumbo Bag Flat Yarn Making Machine) Focusing on global markets continuously, NANDA grows up with customers together. In the same time, our machines are improved constantly and upgraded for making it easier to be operated. We wish to create the double wins in the feature with customers.

Business Philosophy

Customer First

Honesty & Integrity



With 20 years experienced technicians in Lamination designing and making,
NANDA achieves the goal by teamwork. Customers are our precious wealth.
We sincerely treat every customer as our friends.
In order to build the long-term business relationship,
we do not lie or boast to customers and the most important is that we will never promise to something
that we cannot make it.
NANDA is integrity and stays positive when facing our competitors in the cause of on our running business sustainability.


Innovative Technology

In view of ever-changing technologies, NANDA enriches ourselves and be innovative on our machines.

Custom-Made Machines

We analyze every customer’s needs and make customized machines.

Innovative Technology

We take care of each machine produced by NANDA and provide professional machine installation, repair, and supply each spare part.

Features of Machine

『Whole Line Automation』─
Help users to lower the human resource cost and consumption.

Automatic Tension Control of Splicing and Changing web

Auto Changing and Splicing without lower the speed

Synchronously controlled by PLC, user-friendly HMI


We wish to sell our machines to all over the world and we will keep expanding the global markets
and let the world see the pride of Taiwan, technology, reputation and quality.

Specialized Team

Design & Innovation

Quality & Expertise

Customer Service

Company Name Nanda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Product
  • Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine For Flexible Packaging
  • Extrusion Lamination Machine For Release Paper, Wrapper
  • Extrusion Lamination Machine For Sandwich Type
  • Extrusion Lamination Machine For Food Paper
  • Extrusion Lamination With Turn Bar
  • Flat Yarn Making Machine
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